Harry Aderton – Heaven's Night – When the guardians of heaven collide with Lucifer's underworld, all hell will break loose!



When Lucifer defies God it ignites a war of massive devastation. Join the struggle of archangel Sariel in his quest to defend the heavens while battling his inner will to challenge God’s plan. Be prepared to take an intense journey as author Harry Aderton builds a memorable tale through graphic battles, amorous trials and an epic climax that will leave you wanting more.

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The Author

Harry Aderton grew up with a military family, starting in South Korea and spanning the globe. Today he calls the coast of central New Jersey his home with his lovely wife Gloria and three active boys. After writing for twenty years, Heaven’s Night marks the celebratory culmination of his passion. Based on the success of Heaven’s Night, he has plans for multiple sequels to the franchise.

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